My idea to post something each day will probably not work out so I am giving that up for the moment. But still hope this simple blog can give you a few laugh along the way while reading my travel stories. Feel free to share the pictures and blog post with other people but please give a back link and credit for the pictures.

The name Travel Alone comes from reflection of life as a Buddhist. At the moment your mother push you out until and to the day you die you are truly always alone. You might think there is always someone besides you and that you have friends and family but truly you are alone. In the end even the most famous person will reach the same end destination as everyone else and they will do it alone.

If anybody against their better judgment want to use any of  the picture for their work I am happy to sell the usage for print or web at 100 USD each picture, give for local charities the Travel Alone supports.

Hopefully you enjoy reading this travel blog as much as I did creating it.