Do you know my name?

Do you know my name?

At the current moment the number of Facebook accounts reach about 800 million according to Facebook. You might want to take that with a grain of salt since i know several people using multiple Facebook account and even selling them online. But the blog for today’s is not about Facebook’s failed stock launch or how many real users Facebook have, this is a blog post about names. Did you fall for the trap buying Facebook shares?

Last week at a dinner I met several people whom I only see on Facebook before and that are my friends on Facebook. I realized that I have no idea what their real names are, only their Facebook names and photos. Even my name on Facebook is for sure not my real name right that’s not a name. Do you know my name?

I had a phone call last week from a friend of Facebook asking me if a friend of him could have my number. The friend whom I known for a long time on Facebook and in life did not have my number only my Facebook and if i do not answer Facebook chat she can not contact me. The norm before Facebook was to exchange phone numbers and maybe SMS someone just 1 year ago, now you just say “Facebook me”. How many people use SMS today or even call someone? You app me, Line me or FB me you do not call someone and hears someones voice.
Do you message or call someone?

Before the SMS you needed to actually call people and wish them a Happy New Year. When the SMS came you could mass SMS everybody on your phone leading to the network got jammed. Now you just put a message on your Facebook and that’s it and maybe you call or email some close friend. But for the rest you just assume they get the message on Facebook. How many actually Christmas cards did you send or get this year?

If i click “join” on an event and did not go Facebook will still say “xxx attended xxx event” even if i was not there. Many people actually click “join” either promote themselves, promote a business and even to feel that they part of something and not feel lonely.

So even if the technology is bringing us closer in some parts it push apart in our real physical lives. So for 2013 promises me you will actually call more people instead or message them and shake more people’s hands instead of poke them.

Hoping for your Happy New Year 2013

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