2012 Word Goes Under?

When we hear the word or shall we say year 2012, what comes into our mind is something about neither prophecy nor apocalypse. But think about it how this word, 2012 made an impact to the whole world did? Why it is so significant that many people wants to discuss matters of what will happen and what is about this year? The answer is simple. It is due to so much publicity about the year 2012. Traditionally one month before the end of the year, astrology, horoscopes, and fortune telling for the following year are popular and mentioned in the media. The media scattered the news about the year 2012 as something that is part of a prophecy written long time ago from ancient civilization to make it interesting to people. Origins of the mystery of the year 2012 came from different sources including the Book of Revelations from the Christian Bible, the ancient Mayans, Nostradamus predictions, and some scholars claiming to be prophets.

A very popular 2012 predictions about the apocalypse or end of the world came from the Book of Revelations of the Christian Bible. In that book, the end is depicted wherein John had a vision about the judgment day. War, drought, famine, and diseases will be brought to the world. The ideas that the year 2012 will be the exact date for judgment day came from people who claimed to be prophets but are not. Such delusional beliefs may be caused by the need for publicity of some person around or the media to catch the interest of the subscribers. The irony about the Book of Revelations is when it is said that judgment day has no exact date. No one really knows when and where this judgment day will take place. As if everyone will be taken in surprise.

The predictions from the Mayan calendar will be funny or interesting depending on the person’s perception since the apocalypse idea came from a calendar. It is really mysterious how many scholars actually believed that the apocalypse is based on the Mayan calendar and not the Roman calendar or the Chinese calendar or whatever ancient calendars available. The Mayan calendar is a large circle stone tablet made long time ago by the Mayan civilization. They based the calendar according to astronomy. It is said that the last date in the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012, which gave way to some scholars and fortune tellers that the end of the world will be this year. The truth is the Mayan calendar has no more space for the next date to be written perhaps by the one who made it.

Nostradamus is an astronomer from the 16th century had popular predictions on nine eleven terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center. His predictions are focused much on war and the rise of the antichrist and the date is the year 2012. His predictions are still on debate, since they have not yet proven to be reliable. Some scholars believe the Nostradamus predictions are certain coincidence only. They believe at some point that the probability of predictions to come true can happen in hundreds of years later and could be a form of coincidence alone.

The year 2012, is a big deal to some us and an entertainment to others. A film entitled, “2012” directed by Roland Emmerich has a science fiction theme about a big disaster that flooded all over the land areas of the earth. The story of the film was based on the Bible from the Book of Genesis about the story of Noah and the Arch. The thing about this year 2012 is very much interesting to all of us and we cannot avoid it. The media will always be there spreading whatever information under the sun as long as it catches the interest of the viewers, nothing is impossible.

So enjoy your life and make the best of it, you have my personal guarantee (come back to claim 10 0000 USD if life on earth would end) that the work will not end in 2012. It might look dark and it will get darker if we not do something about it but then we have ourselves to blame not earth or the universe.

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