My own personal Jesus Steve Jobs

My own personal Jesus Steve Jobs

Today i found out the Steve Jobs the founder of Apple and probably the maker of the iPhone you’re holding in your hand is well and in heaven.

Apparently a Thai Monk have connected with Steve boy while he was out meditating and had the following news to tell about Steve Jobs afterlife.

Phrathepyanmahamuni (the monks name) said that Steve is living as a half angel, like a giant a Witthayathorn. A Witthayathorn is a angel that seeks knowledge through sciences and that should match Steve Jobs life pretty well.

The Thai monk also said that Steve now lives in a heavenly palace with 20 servants and it is located near his old office. That should be right since Steve spend most of time at the office and not at home.

I can not wait to hear the next report from Phrathepyanmahamuni, i am glad my own personal Jesus is fine and enjoying his heavenly afterlife.

Maybe the Priests in my country should take after the Thai monks and report to us from time to time what our relatives are up to?

God created Steve Jobs and Steve created Apple and Apple created iPhone and in iPhone we trust.


Steve Jobs Buddhist

Steve Jobs Buddhist

My Personal Jesus Steve Jobs

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