I am not your Thai Buffalo

Something golden things you need to learn if you want to become a walking ATM

You say your buffalo is dead? Great bring the grill we are having a barbecue!
You say your brother is in prison? Good he probably deserves it!
You say your mother is sick? You voted for Thaksin he provides free healthcare go get it!
You say your house flooded? How do you know you not been home to see your mom for 10 years!
You say you stop working in the bar? How come your iPhone is still in the bar every night?
You say you never had a passport? Are the photos in your Facebook from London not real?
You say your phone not cover your village in Issarn? I did not know Pattaya was a village in Issarn?
You say you’re pregnant? Well it was 1 year since I last saw you?
You say you need 40 000 THB every month to stay Issarn? Why everyone else need 10 000?

I am not your buffalo!



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